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Food and Grocery Social Media Ranking by Engagement

The food and grocery industry in India is a large and diverse sector that includes a wide range of products, from packaged foods and beverages to fresh produce, meat, and dairy. It’s a sector that has been growing rapidly, driven by a growing popul...
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Trends In Food And Grocery Delivery

The line between Food and Grocery delivery is blurring as the top third-party Food Delivery merchants add groceries and convenience stores to their delivery services.
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The lines between Food & Grocery delivery continue to blur

What social marketers need to know for this years holiday sales

e-Commerce, Holiday Shopping, Instant Insights, Retail, Social ... e-Commerce Holiday Shopping Instant Insights Retail Social...
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What social marketers need to know for this year’s holiday sales

The 5 fastest growing m-commerce apps in India

In Aug 2022, more than 377 million individuals in India used a mobile app with e-commerce capabilities. Not all retail categories grew at the same pace: mobile ticketing audiences, for example, grew by 104 percent. Zooming in, we see that a handful o...
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Las 5 aplicaciones de m-commerce que más rápido han crecido en España

En agosto de 2022, más de 33 millones de personas utilizaron al menos una aplicación móvil con e-commerce en España. Ampliamos este dato, para ver el crecimiento de estas aplicaciones a nivel individual y cuáles destacan entre todas ellas. La ap...
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Halloween shopping for scarily good costumes

Do you have your Halloween costume yet? Halloween’s coming… and engagement with posts about Halloween costumes is increasing at a frightening rate.
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Halloween Shopping 2022

The 5 fastest growing m-commerce apps in the UK

In August 2022, more than 45 million individuals in the United Kingdom used a mobile app with e-commerce capabilities – a seven percent increase compared with August 2021. Not all retail categories grew at the same pace. Zooming in, we see that a h...
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Snapshot: Global Financial Services Industry

After a few years of economic uncertainty, how are financial services performing online? Which markets are growing or declining? Who are the key players across the world? And how has consumer behavior changed? We answer these questions at a topline l...
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Comercio electronico en America Latina 2022

Comscore elaboró una infografía que resume cómo se desenvolvió la categoría de comercio minorista online durante 2021 y el primer trimestre del 2022, considerando datos de Audiencia Multiplataforma, Social Media, Inversión Publicitaria, además...
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