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Valorisez votre Site Internet pour Augmenter vos Ventes en Ligne

Guido Fambach, VP Professional Services, a démontré comment un outil de Web Analytics vient valoriser les activités en ligne.
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The Online Tickets Category Is Making a Comeback

Though the online ticket category is growing year-over- year, visits to merchants of event tickets are outpacing those of movie ticket merchants, based on unique visitor yearly growth between February and June of 2021. Download the infographic to le...
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The Online Tickets Category Is Making a Comeback

Mobile, apps and the modern purchase funnel

В ходе своего выступления, Сергей Онищенко, директор по продажам comScore в России и СНГ, расскажет о влиянии мобильных устройств, в частност...
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Europe Digital Future in Focus 2013 - Russia

Sergey Onishenko presents the 2013 Europe Future in Focus focused on Russian market, its report highlighting prevailing trends in web usage, online video, search, social media and e-commerce. Plus, a special country spotlight covers detailed digital ...
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The Role of Mobile in Online Shopping and Buying

comScore co-founder and Chairman Gian Fulgoni reveals how smartphones and tablets are being used by consumers and marketers across different countries, their impact on today’s e-commerce sales and how these patterns are likely to evolve in the futu...
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Retail Sites Accessed by Smartphone Owners EU5

U.S. Travel E-Commerce Growth

Online travel spending grew 9% in July, representing the seventh consecutive month of gains.
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U.S. Travel E-Commerce Growth

Impacto y Ascenso del Ecommerce en Perú y LatAm en escenario Covid

En el marco del eCommerce Day del Perú, Iván Marchant, vicepresidente de Comscore para México, Perú, Colombia y Centroamérica indica cómo aprovechar la aceleración de la economía digital, mostrando las claves para el desarrollo de los negocio...
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Turkey and Global Digital Trends

The world is turning into digital and e-commerce is one of the fields most affected. This presentation shows a detailed comparison between Global and Turkish numbers in order to understand where the market is leading.
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