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Fast Facts Content Mentioning the NFL Draft

The 2022 NFL Draft took social media by storm as teams, media companies, publishers, influencers, and fans shared their opinions on the picks. This infographic shares the essential topline metrics to understand the scale of conversation and the most ...
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Fast Facts Content Mentioning the NFL Draft

Six new trends impacting Canadian retailers this year

Today’s Canadians spend more time on retail sites with their mobile device than a desktop or laptop. What’s more, mobile-only visitors make up over 50% of traffic to 8 of 8 prominent retail sites. What else has changed, and where are the opportun...
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Indias Travel Consumers Go Mobile

When it comes to travel, mobile plays an increasingly important role in how digital content is being consumed. In July 2017, 68% of travel category visitors in India accessed content via mobile devices only, and almost two thirds of total digital tim...
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Infographic Understanding mobile first consumer behaviours

A recent comScore report, Mobile’s Hierarchy of Needs, details how consumer behaviour on smartphone and tablet devices can be aligned with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.
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Search engines are dream destinations for German travel advertisers

. On average 7.4% of traffic to the top 5 travel sites comes directly from competitors’ sites. Mobile is becoming increasingly important for savvy German travel shoppers – 63.7% of the mobile travel audience...
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Mobile App vs Mobile Browser

Mobile App vs Browser: Why Retailers Shouldn’t Ignore Their Mobile Browser Experience The majority of Europeans own a smartphone, making the platform a key consideration for any industry. How can retailers best leverage consumers’ consumption hab...
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Mobile App vs Mobile Browser

comScore Q1 2016 Advertising Benchmarks

This infographic looks at how ad blocking, invalid traffic and viewability are impacting ad delivery across the globe and what the industry can do to tackle these challenges.
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comScore Q1 2016 Advertising Benchmarks

How Food Delivery Services Have Kept Customers Reaching For The Phone

UK consumers have embraced digital channels for ordering food deliveries, driven overwhelmingly by mobile devices. During March this year, over 17% of the UK’s total digital population visited one of the top 3 food delivery sites via PC, smartphone...
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Mobile Millennials Retail Myths and Realities

Mobile devices have changed the way consumers purchase goods. Processes that were historically performed entirely offline have been transformed with the presence of smartphones and tablets that accompany consumers on their visits to retail stores.
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