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Targeting Gen Z

Join Shareablee Account Director Grant Johmann for a conversation with Dietrich Zeledon, VP, Analytics at NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises and Maia McCann, Director, In The Know, about how brands can authentically connect with Gen Z.
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Targeting Gen Z

Gender Positivity: SeeHer

Advertising and media have the power to shape culture, norms, and behavior in the audiences that they reach. It’s incredibly important, then, that brands pay careful attention to the messages they send and the way people are portrayed.
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Gender Positivity: SeeHer

How To Solve Identity & Safeguard Privacy

Rachel Gantz, GM of Activation Solutions at Comscore discusses deprecation of third-party cookies and Apple’s decision to make its IDFA mobile ad system opt-in by consumers with BeetTV's Robert Andrews.
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Rachel Gantz

The Entrepreneurial Mindset: "Your job is to be ready for it to fail"

Founder, TV host and author, JJ Ramberg shares her tips with the Interact summit on turning challenges into success.
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The Entrepreneurial Mindset: "Your job is to be ready for it to fail"

Fireside Chat with Lyle Schwartz and Aaron Fetters

In April 2017, our own Aaron Fetters sat down for a fireside chat with GroupM’s Lyle Schwartz. Below, hear them discuss the latest issues facing the industry, including the role viewability plays in advertising effectiveness, the future of cross-pl...
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Ad Week 2016: How do you evaluate quality delivery?

How do we ensure that the data that goes into marketing models is actually valid data? How important is viewabilty? Has this focus on viewability distracted marketers from understanding a campaign’s true ROI? Hear from agency and advertiser expert...
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How do you evaluate quality delivery

Invalid Traffic: Jacques Tchenio at HUBFORUM 2015

In this video, Jacques Tchenio, France VP Sales, discusses (in French) the following topics :What is ad fraud ?, Why fighting against invalid and non-humain traffic is important for both media sellers and buyers ?, How media sellers and buyers can fi...
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Measurement of Fraudulent Traffic Must be Stricter

Measurement of Fraudulent Traffic Must be Stricter. As much as 40% of digital video campaigns can be originating from non-human or fake traffic, says Anne Hunter in an interview with Beet.TV at the 4As’ Transformation 2015 event.
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Measurement of Fraudulent Traffic Must be Stricter

How Walmart & Target are winning mobile

This past holiday season nearly a quarter of online shopping was done using a mobile device – meaning it’s no longer OK for a retailer to have a good web site – they also need to master selling via smartphone. So which retailers are winning the...
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Top mobile retailers