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10 minute video on TikTok from the Hilton group sees 86X more views than the average brand

At a time when fast scroll culture dominates social media use, spending more than 2 minutes on a video can feel like a lifetime; Viewing a video that is 10 minutes long may well feel like an eternity.
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Formula One is fuelling up the US market

15 million Americans visited digital content related to auto racing sports in January 2023.
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Crypto trading where are the crypto bros

A look at crypto trading platforms, and newly emerging competition.
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Crypto trading: where are the crypto bros?

Using Comscore s custom data to understand the food delivery market

According to Comscore’s Global State of Mobile report, 31% of digital buyers ordered food for delivery online, an increase of 14% points in Q2 2020 compared to Q3 2019. 36% of digital buyers also said they ordered food more often during the pandemi...
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The UK Travel Industry: Comscore Custom Research

As UK consumers eagerly await the latest updates from the government on travel restrictions, Comscore has analysed how consumers have been interacting with travel sites.
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The UK Travel Industry: Comscore Custom Research

Comscore Snapshots home decoration

In this week’s edition of Comscore Snapshots, we look at the online behaviour that relates to home decoration, DIY and gardening in Europe. Our analysis includes statistics for the EU5 region, which includes France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the U...
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StackAdapt QA Driving Brand Lift with Connected TV

Since the start of 2020, we’ve seen notable shifts in consumption of TV, video and digital content across platforms. This changing media landscape is impacting how brands need to approach their advertising strategies. To this end, Comscore and prog...
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StackAdapt QA Driving Brand Lift with Connected TV