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Introducing Comscore Predictive Audiences

Comscore was joined by our launch partners IHS Markit, PlaceIQ and TransUnion to learn how this new solution sets the standard for cookie-free audience targeting at scale with demographic, TV, OTT, automotive purchasing, location-based, and non-FCRA ...
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Introducing Comscore Predictive Audiences

UK Digital Market Overview – Q2 2018

The latest Digital Market Overview uses UKOM approved comScore data to offer a top-line snapshot into the online behaviour of the UK audience.
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Online Banking in Europe

In March 2018, 91% of EU5 digital population accessed some form of financial site or app. Online banking - a subset of online finance - was used by 70% of the EU5 digital population. Compared with some other industries, the banking sector is successf...
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UKOM Digital Market Overview - March 2018

UKOM approved comScore data offers a snapshot of what the UK population is doing online.
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Global Digital Future in Focus 2018

The 2018 Global Digital Future in Focus provides a snapshot of desktop, smartphone and tablet usage around the globe, examining how audiences and content consumption changed over the course of 2017.
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Facebook & Snapchat: Age Profiles

What exactly is the age profile and what are usage figures of Facebook and Snapchat? January 2018 UKOM approved comScore data showcased that Facebook had a reach of 94% among over 18-24-year-olds.
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UKOM Digital Market Overview December 2017

This quarterly snapshot by UKOM delivers top-line insights into the UK audience behavior across desktop, tablet and smartphone devices.
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Holiday Tracker Overview and Demo

In this presentation, Kevin Moll, Senior Retail Insights Analyst, provides viewers an overview of the comScore Holiday Tracker®, the data it provides to users, and an in-depth product demonstration.
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Think Tank: Viewability

What is the dictionary definition of viewability? Who decides how much is enough? What role do publishers play? And most importantly, what about user experience? This interactive session covers key challenges facing the industry, as well as raises so...
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Viewability Is Free… So What’s Next?

The goal of advertising is and always has been to have an impact. While it is critically important for an ad to get seen, viewability is not a measure of effectiveness; it is a table stake for digital advertising. With comScore offering free viewabil...
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