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10 Things You Might Not Have Known about Digital Traffic Worldwide

To meet the demand for more measurement combining all sources of digital traffic, comScore recently announced the release of Device Essentials™, an exciting new solution providing insight into digital traffic coming from all types of devices on a g...
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Optimise Toward Golden Impressions to Put Trust Back Into Digital Advertising

The issues of viewability, brand safety and invalid traffic, particularly non-human traffic, have increasingly given rise to negative connotations for our industry. These combined have slowly dripped away at the underlying faith in the digital ecosys...
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Are mobile operators asking the right questions of their subscriber big data

With more than 50% of all mobile service revenues driven from data services in the U.S. in 2013, the demand for mobile data is exploding faster than ever before. Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) for data services have grown by 5% quarter over quarter...
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Subscriber Analytix Questions Guide

How to Optimize Search Marketing on Tablets vs. Smartphones

Having attended myriad web conferences over the years, I’ve heard most every prediction you can imagine. Some were a bit misguided (“Portals are the future direction of the Web!”) and others were spot on (“This Google thing seems to have legs...
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An Inside Look at Sophisticated Invalid Traffic

Timur Yarnall, SVP Advertising Platforms & Corporate Development at comScore, recently contributed to an IAB Europe Blog and shared an inside look at Sophisticated Invalid Traffic. The interview was originally published by IAB Europe on November ...
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AOL Proves Audience is 3x Larger After Accounting for International and Mobile Traffic

One of today’s biggest challenges for publishers is conveying the value of their digital audience to advertisers. While an audience’s value depends on many factors, its sheer size (measured in unique visitors) is a major component. It turns out, ...
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AOL Proves Audience is 3x Larger After Accounting for International and Mobile Traffic

From GSMA MMM to Mobile Metrix

Earlier this week comScore launched Mobile Metrix in the United Kingdom, which applies comScore’s unified approach to mobile measurement through the combination of mobile panels and census-based tagging.
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Internal Optimization – A Solid Path to External Monetization of Mobile Operators Big Data

Carrier’s revenue from Voice and SMS in mature wireless markets are generally in decline, while Data revenues are still steadily increasing. The main problem however, is that increases in Data revenues are not enough to negate Voice and SMS decline...
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Internal Optimization – A Solid Path to External Monetization of Mobile Operators’ Big Data

Using Comscore s custom data to understand the food delivery market

According to Comscore’s Global State of Mobile report, 31% of digital buyers ordered food for delivery online, an increase of 14% points in Q2 2020 compared to Q3 2019. 36% of digital buyers also said they ordered food more often during the pandemi...
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Challenges and Opportunities of Measurements in Mobile

As the umbrella of the ‘digital’ ecosystem continues to spread to new platforms and media types, measurement must also adapt to meet the expanding needs of the marketplace. More money is shifting into mobile, so the need to accurately and indepen...
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