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Mobile Internet Traffic in Japan Spikes in Response to the Tsunami

Shortly after the earthquake in Japan happened at 2:47 PM JST on March 11, there was a large spike in traffic coming from both computer-based and mobile Internet users. Over the next two days, mobile Internet traffic continued to increase in volume r...
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Japan Mobile Internet Traffic

Invalid Traffic

comScore provides sophisticated detection of invalid traffic that goes beyond the standard filtration required for industry accreditation. The recent acquisition of MdotLabs has further enhanced our IVT Triple Detection Technology, which is now integ...
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US Singapore and UK Have the Highest Share of Traffic from Non Computer Devices

Today, comScore launched Device Essentials - a service that provides an all-encompassing view of digital traffic from all web-enabled devices worldwide. The findings in the inaugural release provide the world's first glimpse into the share of traffic...
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Share of Traffic from Non-Computer Devices

Radio Maps and Instant Messengers Achieve Greater Audience Reach on Apps than Desktop

Consumers use different devices depending on the digital task they are trying to accomplish, the type of media content they seek to engage with and their physical location at the time of consumption. The categories that tend to skew higher on mobile ...
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Percent Audience Reach on Mobile App and Desktop

Nearly 7 Percent of U.S. Digital Traffic Consumed Away from Computers

U.S. consumers are increasingly connecting to digital content via a variety of devices such as smartphones, tablets and other connected devices.  In August 2011, the share of non-computer traffic for the U.S. increased to 6.8% from just 6.2% at the ...
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Share of non-computer traffic for the U.S.

Tablets Now Account for 28 Percent of Non-Computer Digital Traffic in the US

Today, Amazon entered the rapidly growing tablet market with the introduction of Kindle Fire. The latest data from comScore Device Essentials shows that tablets account for an increasing share of digital traffic as consumers continue to integrate the...
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Non-Computer Digital Traffic in the U.S.

comScore SDK

Viewability Viewability Viewability Comscore Viewability™ is a free, self-service solution that provides baseline viewability measurement for display and video inventory on desktop and mobile ... Unlock the value of mobile app audiences, co...
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10 Things You Might Not Have Known about Digital Traffic Worldwide

To meet the demand for more measurement combining all sources of digital traffic, comScore recently announced the release of Device Essentials™, an exciting new solution providing insight into digital traffic coming from all types of devices on a g...
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Invalid Traffic: Jacques Tchenio at HUBFORUM 2015

In this video, Jacques Tchenio, France VP Sales, discusses (in French) the following topics :What is ad fraud ?, Why fighting against invalid and non-humain traffic is important for both media sellers and buyers ?, How media sellers and buyers can fi...
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Tablets Contribute 30 percent of Non-Computer Traffic

The Silicon Alley Insider recently featured comScore Device Essentials in a Chart of the Day infographic on the iPads and tablet traffic. In September 2011, tablets in the U.S. contributed 30.4% of total Internet page views coming from mobile, tablet...
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Tablets Contribute 30% of Non-Computer Traffic