19 maart 2014

Digital Analytix® Multi-Platform Awarded New Technology of the Year by Digital Analytics Association

Vice President, Digital Analytix Product Management

Last night at the Digital Analytics Association Awards for Excellence Gala at eMetrics in San Francisco, comScore Digital Analytix Multi-Platform was awarded New Technology of the Year (tied with Tealium). This award is not only an incredible honor for us, but is a testament to comScore’s commitment to innovation in web analytics.

In 2013, we launched Digital Analytix Multi-Platform and moved to the forefront in solving the complex technological and methodological issues associated with digital consumers shifting from screen to screen, and doing so constantly. Think about your daily routine: How many devices do you use throughout the day, and how do you use those devices? We are all consuming content in a different way given that many of us have phones attached to our hands at all times (bad, I know!).In the U.S., 54 percent of internet users now access content on more than one device, and that number is only getting larger.

While innovation is a wonderful thing, the endless number of ways that a user can consume content does pose substantial challenges for businesses. Traditional metrics used in web analytics today are becoming unreliable due to the proliferation of devices that are coming online.

This is the exact challenge that comScore aimed to solve with the introduction of Digital Analytix Multi-Platform: We are able to unify users across devices and platforms using a proprietary methodology in order to help a business understand the actual number of people who are engaging with a property, as well as exactly what those customer journeys look like.

We’re helping our clients better understand who their customers are, how they’re interacting with the brand’s content, and how companies can enhance their own content and advertising strategies to retain and expand a loyal customer base. For example, we partner with Virgin Media to help the brand unify customer interactions across their online, mobile device and set-top box experiences:

"As a media company, it would be short-sighted to focus on what our customers are doing solely on a single device. Whether they're setting their set top box to record a favorite show from their smartphone or watching music videos on a tablet, we need to know how, when and where they're interacting with our services. Digital Analytix is the only product on the market that enables this level of insight."

Gianni Maestri, head of digital entertainment analytics and insight at Virgin Media

We’re excited to continue working with brands to solve their biggest challenges in this multi-platform landscape, and partnering with leading industry organizations such as the Digital Analytics Association to solve tomorrow’s web analytics challenges together as an industry.

Digital Analytix Multi-Platform is now available to comScore clients in all markets around the world.

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