We make audiences and advertising
more valuable

Digital touches every aspect of our lives. The digital age makes it possible for people to connect with others whether they are nearby or around the globe, learn about breaking news, go shopping, manage their bank accounts from anywhere and much more. In fact, there is not much that is done without the help of digital technology these days.

comScore was created in 1999 to measure how consumers use the Internet. We were the first to figure out how to measure Internet-powered technologies and their impact on consumers, the market and the world.

We help clients measure
what matters

Today, we are a trusted and independent cross-platform media measurement company, and the scorekeepers in the biggest technology era of all time. Our products and services help clients understand how their audiences consume content and ads across screens – meaning desktops, smartphones, televisions, tablets, wearables and more – know if their advertising is working, and leverage data where they want and need it. Ultimately, we make audiences and advertising more valuable, and help our clients what matters and discern the true value of media.

Start up. Step up. Move Forward.

Our data and technology are well-established crucial components in measuring and analyzing the rapidly evolving digital media world, and are widely deployed at a broad range of publishers, enterprises, agencies and mobile operators, both in the US and around the globe.

As digital technology forces the world to continually re-think every aspect of business, comScore is at the center of these changes and trends. It is a tremendous responsibility, and an awesome privilege and opportunity to be a leader in this ever-changing industry.

We need people who can think big and are ready to explore and define the next great frontier.

Join us.

Gian Fulgoni  

- Gian Fulgoni, CEO