- 14 mars 2019

Surviving the Social Media Outage of 2019

Tania Yuki
Tania Yuki
Directeur général du marketing

Paul Kontonis, CMO of WHOSAY, will be speaking at  our INTERACT Summit on May 3rd in NYC. I was posting this info on Instagram, or I should say, trying to post it, when I noticed the progress bar pump the brakes just short of completion. Unsuccessful post. So… I stood there staring at my phone like an infant. Huh?

Now that we’ve all survived the Social Media Outage of 2019, I asked around the office for observations and feelings. Gotta say, in theory, if you’d asked me before this happened how I’d react in a hypothetical IG shutdown, I’d have said, “Wouldn’t mind at all, no problem.” But in truth I felt itchy. I felt cut off in a way that made me much more uncomfortable than I’d have guessed.

Michael Krebs, our new Sales Director: “I was concerned that the blackout would disallow me from being influenced.” He added a :-) for good measure. Yesterday was Michael’s first day at Shareablee. The man knows how to arrive with a bang.

Kaitlyn Harrison, our Senior Customer Success Manager: “I was so annoyed. I kept checking and hoping that it was going to be back.”

Prince Okebalama, our Account Manager: “As someone that posts a number of times a day to my InstaStories and a couple times a week to my main page I did find myself frustrated with the Instagram bug. I also had another moment when a lot of my stories were stacked up unable to post, so I just deleted them and waited till the update happened later in the day. It made me think a bit deeper about how connected I am to my phone and social media. Maybe I shouldn't be so aware of my inability to share momentary highlights… maybe. Nonetheless, I'm glad it's back up and running!"

Jonathan Lieberman, our Chief Technology Officer: “My daughter actually replied to my text messages for a while from college. I don't expect to hear from her again until the semester is over.”

Mike Myers, our Client Success Manager: "For a day, Twitter was king with pervading memories of MySpace."

Melanie Brown, our Director of Business Development: "Instagram was down?"

Rich Faur, our Director of Finance: "Insta-what?"

And some comments after chatting with our Dictionary wizards, who rely a lot on Facebook and Instagram to create properties: “At first we thought that a ton of companies were no longer maintaining their accounts. And when we realized it was an outage, we were immediately concerned about malicious actors. After which, we waited (semi-) patiently.”

As of this writing,  Milo was not affected.



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