- 10 septembre 2012

Advertising Analytics: A Kellogg Case Study

For advertisers in the online advertising space, programmatic buying has been heralded as the ideal solution to current ecosystem challenges – with its ability to increase pricing efficiency while potentially enabling improved targeting accuracy and higher ROI. Undoubtedly, two key components to the success of programmatic buying – along with countless other digital media buying strategies – are sound measurement and the speed at which actionable insights become available.

Today’s world of media buying and selling is fast-paced, with competitive advantages accruing to those who can make the correct decisions in real time. Measurement, therefore, must follow suit. Real-time data create the opportunity for greater efficiency and improved campaign outcomes. Marketers and their agency partners who are fleet of foot and able to quickly understand the extent to which their campaigns are delivering as planned – and who can then take corrective action as needed – are realizing improved financial ROI.

The following case study from Kellogg provides a paramount example of how a systematic framework for the creation and delivery of digital advertising, aligned with the right measurement approach, can drive both greater efficiency and effectiveness for brand advertisers.