1 novembre 2011 - Evènement: comScore Data Passport

The comScore Data Passport - Second Half 2011

Intervenant: comScore, Inc.

From emerging markets to converging media, comScore digital business analytics provide clarity in a connected world. This data passport offers a brief glimpse into the vast array of vital insights that only comScore can reveal.

Topics include:

  • Digital Content Consumption Worldwide
  • The Power of Like
  • The Rise of Google+
  • Location-based Check-in
  • Smartphone Apps
  • UK Mobile Applications Usage
  • Mobile Retail
  • QR Codes
  • Online Retail
  • Communication Modes
  • Online Advertising Measurement
  • Socially-enabled Advertising
  • The Reach of Blogs
  • Hometown News
  • Online Video
  • Video Content
  • Streaming Music
  • Travel in Asia
  • Online Banking
  • Banking Customers