24. April 2013

Holiday Hunting: Top 10 Travel Sites in Europe

Hélène Azevedo
Marketing Manager Europe
The travel category was visited by nearly 183 million internet users in Europe in March 2013. Taking the top spot was Priceline.com with 31.4 million unique visitors, followed by TripAdvisor with 25.7 million and Odigeo with 14.1 million unique visitors that month.

Digging a little deeper into engagement with these top 10 travel sites in Europe, visitors to Deutsche Bahn and Groupe SNCF accessed the most pages during March 2013, namely 24 and 23 pages per visitor, respectively. TUI Group is not far behind with 21 average pages per visitor, followed by Travora Media with 17 pages per visitor.

Top 10 Travel Sites in Europe

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