Branded Content

Uncover the Value and Impact of Brand Integrations and Sponsorships Across All Platforms


Marketers and brands are embracing Branded Content as a creative and effective way to reach and engage consumers in addition to traditional advertising. Only comScore can quantify the media value and impact of these integrations across screens.

comScore Branded Content provides a precise, holistic view of the true impact of branded integrations, across all platforms.

With its proprietary technology and more than a decade of experience measuring branded content, comScore has the detailed insights and best practices reporting clients need to make strategic branded content decisions.

comScore measures a broad range of branded content, including passive product placement, active brand in-content integration (unscripted), organic integrated branding (scripted), and custom branded content.

Quantify the total audience and dollar value of a brand integration.

Second-by-Second Viewing

Brand Exposure Analytics

Social Media Listening

Consumer Behavior

Gain a 360-degree view of your branded content campaigns.

Demonstrate the value of brand integrations across all platforms.
Use media value and impact metrics to prove branded content is a unique, comparable or incremental investment to traditional advertising tactics.

Discover how branding moments affect the hearts and minds of consumers.
View detailed information on brand recall, consideration and favorability to identify the most effective ways to structure, blend, and balance integrations for optimal impact.

Make strategic cross-platform planning and budgeting decisions.
Identify effective programming times and maximize ROI with observations of strengths and recommendations for improvement from an individualized “Best Practices” report.

Find the true value of sponsorships.

comScore Sports Marketing is the sports marketing industry’s one-stop-shop for detailed viewing analytics across screens.

Better understand sports fans' viewership, consumption and purchase behaviors.

Precisely measure the results of sponsorships and advertising investments.

Maximize broadcast rights, subscription fees and advertising sales revenue. Track and measure all televised stadium signage for a sponsorship or campaign.

Measure the impact of social media.

comScore Social allows clients to extend the reach and value of branded content or sponsorship campaign and tap into customer feedback regarding specific media elements of a campaign.

Learn how effective a campaign was at driving social activity and how this activity ties in with branded content campaigns and other promotions.

Audience Analysis
See what types of audiences are engaging with this campaign and in what else they are also interested.

Brand Lift
Understand the value of the campaign for the brand, as it relates to brand strength, awareness and emotional changes among consumers.

Monetary Value
Know the dollar value of the campaign’s social activity (if the brand had directly paid for social media).

Billions of paid, owned and earned posts analyzed

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