OnDemand Essentials

The Industry’s Video on Demand Audience Measurement Standard

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The potential U.S. Video on Demand advertising market is in the billions of dollars. As the census-based currency, comScore helps clients take advantage of this tremendously powerful and lucrative platform.

comScore OnDemand Essentials® measures Video on Demand (VOD) consumption from more than 117 million TVs and more than 56 cable, telco and satellite providers across the U.S. and Canada.

As the industry leader in massive scale VOD measurement, comScore gives agencies, advertisers and content creators the ability to leverage crucial VOD performance metrics to make more timely and accurate programming and marketing decisions.

Maximize the value of VOD

The Industry Standard

comScore was the first service to passively measure VOD content on a massive scale and has led the industry ever since.

Census-based Currency

comScore measures VOD viewing on an unprecedented scale from from nearly every MVPD in the U.S.

Ultimate Engagement

No commercial avoidance means 100% consumer engagement, making VOD the most effective platform on which to target your key consumers.

Benefits of OnDemand Essentials

Make better informed decisions.
Review, analyze and adjust programming, marketing and promotional spending based on actual consumer behavior.

Take advantage of the growing potential of VOD. 
Use comprehensive and detailed viewing insights to reach highly-engaged consumers with programming and advertising on VOD.

Provide advertisers with independent metrics.
Access detailed viewing insights on a massive scale from comScore, the industry’s trusted third-party measurement provider.

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