Reaching Advanced Audiences for improved campaign performance with KYC agency

Kill Your Competition
Kill Your Competition® (KYC), a local agency, showed an advertiser the benefits of using Comscore data to better target advanced audiences – and won the advertiser business as a result.

The Scenario

An advertiser using an alternative ratings provider and traditional age/gender targeting was underperforming.

As a leading pest control company, the advertiser wanted to improve TV campaign performance within the Orlando and Jacksonville service areas. KYC showed the pest control company the benefits of using Comscore's TV data – and ultimately won their business as a result.

The Solution

KYC Agency strategically targeted key audiences beyond age and gender using Comscore’s TV tools.

Number 1

Report Builder

KYC used the Report Builder tool to plan TV buys around audiences with a household income of $75K+ and at least two adults in the home.

This helped KYC and the advertiser target DIFM* consumers with income stability, as opposed to DIY audiences.

Number 2

Duplication Reporting

Via duplication reporting, KYC then identified programs that allowed them to reach high-value, desired audiences without spending significant amounts on primetime TV slots.

Number 3

Heat Maps

Lastly, KYC used heat maps to identify and target audiences with strong program loyalty within key local markets in an effort to grow business.

*DIFM = Do it For Them, DIY = Do it Yourself

The Success

Comscore’s TV solutions helped KYC and their advertiser improve performance in key markets.

Increase in branded search volume 26% 24%
Increase in leads (YoY) 14% 54%
Increase in Direct Traffic (YoY) 52% 33%
Increase in Organic Traffic (YoY) 29% 44%

Branded Search Volume is the number of searches in a DMA with the client’s name only on Google. Website traffic from Google Analytics. Direct Traffic includes the removal of email marketing traffic. Measurement dates include TV flight months only.