13 Marzo 2014

comScore’s Approach to Capturing Value from Big Data Showcased in MIT Case Study

Kate Dreyer
Director, Corporate Communications

As the media analytics landscape continues to evolve, understanding how to leverage big data for long term value-creation should be a core competency for any leading media and technology company. In order to help the next generation of business leaders, comScore recently collaborated – including in-depth interviews with members of the senior management team – with MIT’s Center for Information Systems Research to develop a case study about comScore’s approach to big data.

This recently published case study, entitled “Capturing Value from Big Data at comScore Through Platform, People and Perception,” explores comScore’s 14-year journey to becoming a leader in digital media analytics. The study highlights the creation of a cost-efficient, scalable platform, the development of an analytics-savvy workforce, and our ongoing commitment to clients. Specific topics covered in the case study include:

  • Analyzing big data, and the insights it brings to businesses
  • Efficiently creating a platform and process to capture big data interactions
  • Hiring and training best-in-class data scientists
  • Delivering insights that enable clients to take action
  • Ensuring long-term success in a multi-platform world

In addition to the topics listed above, this case includes commentary from several comScore leaders, such as Magid Abraham (Co-Founder and Executive Chairman), Serge Matta (CEO), Michael Brown (CTO), and Mark Donovan (CMO). If you are interested in accessing this case study, please click here. To read a short article from the MIT Sloan Management Review about the case study and creating value from big data, click here.

If you would like to learn more about how comScore provides big data insights to its clients, please contact us.

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