- 13 Aprile 2020

Workout Videos are Fast Growing Genre

Rachel Gantz
Rachel Gantz
General Manager, Activation Solutions

Rachel Gantz, GM of Activation Solutions at Comscore, discusses online consumer trends during the Coronavirus pandemic with BeetTV's Andy Plesser.

With millions of people staying a home during the pandemic, many are trying to stay in shape. Workout videos have become the fastest growing segments in Video on Demand (VOD) and other OTT devices.

While streaming consumption is up overall 30 percent year-over-year for March, the fitness category is up nearly 150 percent and news as a category is up 37 percent. More information on VOD consumption here.

Some interesting stats from Comscore about age, ethnicity and location of streamers. Asian household consumption is way up the measurement company found.

This video is part of Beet.TV’s BeetCam series.

Coronavirus Insights

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Coronavirus Insights

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