Greg Dale
Greg Dale

Greg Dale is an accomplished executive with a wide breadth of functional expertise, and a proven track record of driving innovation and growth at data and analytics businesses.

Greg was part of the Comscore team from 1999 to 2016, and rejoined Comscore through the 2021 acquisition of the social media measurement company, Shareablee, where he also served as Chief Operating Officer.

Prior to Shareablee, Greg served as COO for Persado (an AI Based Marketing Content Platform), he focused on enabling scale by driving a product migration from manual operations requiring a full-service model to a client facing portal. He also developed a learning culture at Persado to foster internal product knowledge as well as understanding the ecosystem it operates in which is key to AI based product adoption.

Greg was a founding member of Comscore where he played a critical role in the creation of their core syndicated products and led them through their high growth period as they scaled from startup through their IPO. Throughout his career at Comscore, spanning 3 to 1,000+ employees, Greg created a culture of innovation producing industry-first products and services in multiple areas such as search, video, advertising, and mobile measurement.

Greg began his history of working with data and analytic firms at Information Resources, Inc., one of the early pioneers in using big data to drive CPG research and analytics. He is a graduate of Purdue University.