Growing Number of Agencies Continue to Choose Comscore as Local TV Currency in 2017

62 Percent of Regional/Local Agency Clients Utilize Comscore Exclusively for Local TV Planning & Buying

RESTON, VA, December 5, 2017 – Comscore today announced that a growing number of regional and local advertising agencies are continuing to choose Comscore for their local TV currency, with 84 regional and local agencies signing new or expanded agreements in 2017 to use Comscore’s local television service for planning and buying. Of the 84 local agency contracts inked thus far this calendar year, 45 are agency new business and renewals and 39 are agency expansion agreements, contributing to a 20 percent year-over-year growth in number of local agency clients compared to 2016. 

Client business categories are varied, with automotive, healthcare, furniture and tourism among some of the many industries that have chosen Comscore’s local TV currency as their exclusive negotiation tool to deliver more efficient, effective and successful TV campaigns for their clients. From Comscore’s current client roster of more than 200 regional and local agencies, 62 percent are exclusively using Comscore’s local market data for all of their advertising campaigns and buys. 

“We are pleased, not only by the stability of the methodology and massive number of households being passively monitored, but by the depth of Comscore’s analytics,” said Lisa Huebner, Partner and VP, Media Director at Boelter + Lincoln Marketing Communications in Milwaukee, who has been using Comscore for more than three years. “It wasn’t long before we started using Comscore data for all our markets.” 

With more than a decade of experience measuring television viewership from the set-top box level across millions of households in all 210 markets, Comscore is the industry’s trusted source of passively-measured local television audience data. Comscore’s clean matching of local TV viewing data combined with Advanced Audience insights such as automotive purchasing behavior and voter registration information continues to provide local agencies with the tools to reach audiences in ways they had not previously considered and reposition their buys with insights not available from other sources.  

“Given the fragmented cable and TV landscape, Comscore is invaluable in helping us make key buying decisions for automotive,” said Malinda Minzenmayer, VP and Media Director at The Automotive Advertising Agency in Austin.  “Comscore’s local TV information provides a true representation of local audience data in our markets,” added Minzenmayer. “This actual viewing behavior combined with audience demographic information gives us an analysis of viewers in our market that we can’t find anywhere else.” 

“Not only does Comscore help us retain our business, but we have doubled in size every year since we began using Comscore data four years ago," said Marco Camacho, Principal, The Automotive Advertising Agency. 

“We are excited that more and more agencies continue to rely on Comscore Local’s proven expertise in set-top box measurement and Advanced Audience insights to gain a greater understanding of their target audiences’ viewing and purchasing behaviors,” said Steve Walsh, EVP, Local Markets at Comscore. “As our agency client base continues to grow, it’s clear that, when equipped with the right tools for planning and buying, agencies feel more confident in the results they deliver for their clients. We’re proud to provide the resources needed to make smarter, better-informed decisions and, as a result, build more efficient and effective TV campaigns.” 

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