Comscore and Spiketrap Announce Launch of Next-Generation Cookie-Free Targeting for Gaming Audiences

Comscore (NASDAQ: SCOR), a trusted partner for planning, transacting, and evaluating media across platforms, today announced it is partnering with Spiketrap, the conversation analytics platform powering instant audience understanding for creators, brands, and platforms, to expand Comscore’s industry-leading Predictive Audiences cookieless targeting solution specifically for gaming audiences. The partnership introduces highly refined gaming-oriented audience segments into Predictive Audiences and represents a major step forward for advertisers seeking to engage with gaming audiences in a privacy-forward, cookie-free manner.

Comscore’s Predictive Audiences is the standard for cookie-free audience targeting at scale, enabling advertisers to reach audiences based on granular behaviors in a contextually-driven manner. This latest expansion leverages Spiketrap’s deep gaming experience and enables new-to-market segments for advertisers to reach gaming audiences throughout the programmatic ecosystem. These segments will be available in demand-side platforms in the coming weeks and will harness Spiketrap's gaming expertise and observations from the players, fans, and enthusiasts of the most popular MMORPG, FPS and battle royale games.

Online games and the massive live streaming platforms that enable users to broadcast to a growing audience have created a cultural phenomenon that advertisers are keen to tap into. But these environments can also come with brand safety challenges. With this release, Comscore and Spiketrap will now offer advertisers new opportunities to reach these diverse audiences in a brand safe manner across programmatic digital, mobile, video, CTV, and podcast inventory.

Spiketrap is Comscore’s latest partner collaboration for their industry-leading Predictive Audiences solution – now placing gaming front and center for marketers. Spiketrap’s proprietary Clair artificial intelligence technology is built from the ground up to combine real-time, best-in-class natural language processing with an an extensive knowledge graph in gaming and entertainment, making it uniquely positioned to provide deep, contextual understanding of audiences.

The gaming industry continues to experience rapid growth, with games and esports market research firm Newzoo forecasting nearly 20% year-over-year global market growth representing $175 billion in industry revenue. This represents a lucrative opportunity for advertisers who take the necessary steps to meet gamers on their terms utilizing privacy-minded approaches.

“Mainstream interest in gaming is on the rise, but as advertisers seek to engage with their targets, they need to realize that existing brand safety concerns coupled with the deprecation of cookies will only constrict the already limited gaming audience targeting options,” said Rachel Gantz, General Manager, Activation Services, Comscore. “That’s where brands benefits from the power of Comscore’s solutions, especially gaming-specific Predictive Audiences. As advertisers seek to lock in their cookie-free tactics, our solution through our collaboration with Spiketrap provides a better mechanism to reach granular gaming audiences in a cookie-free manner at scale.”

“Effectively engaging gaming audiences requires a genuine understanding of gaming communities, and Spiketrap’s mission is to contextualize what these audiences are saying,” said Kieran Fitzpatrick, CEO and Cofounder, Spiketrap. “Spiketrap’s Clair AI distills the signal from the noise of highly unstructured online conversations. This, in conjunction with our knowledge graph, enables highly relevant, contextual insight into gaming audiences. We are thrilled to leverage this technology to power new audience segments for Comscore.”

Spiketrap is the latest partner to join Comscore’s Predictive Audiences, advancing cookie-free methods to reach critically valuable audience segments. By combining Comscore’s leading media consumption data assets with the industry’s leading contextual AI engine and intelligent categorization technology, Comscore is able to translate audience segments at scale into contextual signals, revolutionizing cookie-free targeting. Comscore is excited to advance the industry with viable cookie-free alternatives to maintain scale and achieve campaign KPIs, while mitigating risk as the privacy and ID environments evolve.

These new gaming Predictive Audiences marks the latest enhancement to Comscore’s cookie-free solutions within the Comscore Activation suite, which helps advertisers reach audiences based on age and gender demographics, TV viewership, OTT consumption, and consumer behaviors such as automotive purchase data, location data, B2B, and non-FCRA financial data in brand-safe, relevant contexts across desktop, mobile, and Connected TV. To learn more, visit: or contact us today.

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