Validate Campaign Audiences with Precision

Campaign Ratings
Access a holistic, de-duplicated view of campaigns across TV, CTV, desktop and mobile platforms.
One solution: Focused on your unified storytelling success. In today's dynamic media landscape, audiences are everywhere – spanning linear TV, connected TV, desktop, and mobile. Yet, understanding and validating who's watching, when, and on which devices has remained a complex puzzle for publishers, advertisers, platforms and more.

The Precision of Person-Level Measurement

In an era of multiple devices and on-the-go consumers, our unique reach models ensure that you grasp the full extent of your ad's reach. We account for scenarios where viewers encounter ads on different devices or engage in co-viewing, particularly on connected TV devices.

The Precision of Person-Level Measurement

The Power of Advanced Audience Validation

Powered by more than 1,350+ Predictive Audiences from Proximic by Comscore, we allow you to sharpen content creative with pinpoint accuracy, increasing its relevance. Measure shopping, consumption and key life milestones with granularity and laser in on in-market audiences of people considering a brand or product like never before.

B2B Retail Political TV/CTV Viewership CPG Purchases Personas Financial Auto buyers Health and more

The Power of Advanced Audience Validation

The Granularity of Custom Audiences

Comscore's custom audience reporting enhances marketing strategies by offering real-time insights into target audience characteristics. This granular understanding optimizes engagement and messaging alignment, strengthening brand-consumer connections.

The Granularity of Custom Audiences

TV Networks & VMPDS

Strategically bundle, package and price cross-platform advertising inventory to drive more profitable monetization and stronger ROI.
Optimize demographic delivery for key client campaigns to ensure specific impression thresholds are met across various platforms.
Illuminate under-valued audiences with co-viewing insights and prove the value of unique digital audiences to unlock new monetization opportunities.

Agencies & Advertisers

Optimize campaign delivery in-flight to hit reach/frequency objectives, impression thresholds and demographic in-target volumes across platforms.
Measure total and platform-specific co-viewing lifts to account for all audiences exposed to your campaign.
Better allocate and align spend by comparing the relative effectiveness of networks and publishers in achieving campaign-specific KPIs.

Transform Your Storytelling

We live in a multi-touch world where content is consumed across screens. With a single tag, CCR provides ONE total reach number, de-duplicating audiences across all screens so you can measure ROI by understanding the incremental reach and audience that was not exposed on linear.

Deduplicate across platforms

Why it matters

The Deduplication of audiences is critical for accurate campaign measurement, as it allows marketers and media companies to determine whether three impressions are delivered to three different people or a single person across three screens.

Clients can use overlaps to better plan frequency capping to drive reach, plan additional digital partners that drive incrementality and include this information in mixed market models.

Improve the effectiveness of your campaigns

Understanding how campaigns resonate with different audience segments is crucial for effective audience targeting and message optimization.

Accurately gauge the target audience reached during a campaign, enabling you to enhance its effectiveness. Then optimize in-flight by knowing which publishers best deliver your target.

Transform your storytelling

More likely to consider purchasing brand X after campaign exposure.
Co-viewing lift, adding over 310mm ads on shared-screen devices

Co-viewing impression lift for the Publishers B and C

Make Decisions With Confidence

Comscore Campaign Ratings simplifies the complex world of audience measurement, providing a single source of truth for understanding your audience while gaining control over your marketing budgets and elevating your advertising strategy beyond topline reach and frequency metrics.

We use the largest digital opt-in panel and census network to provide the most robust digital reporting in the marketplace, our footprint covers 99% of all U.S. Zip Codes. Passively-collected second-by-second deterministic set-top-box viewership data across 75M+ televisions sourced directly from our partnerships with MVPDs. Best-in-class device graph and massive scale of data assets.

We’ll confidently help you embrace the future of advertising sales with newfound opportunities. Contact us today.

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