9 de mayo, 2014

Travel m-Commerce in Germany on the Rise

Sebastian Schindler
Marketing Manager, N-EMEA
More and more people in Germany plan and book their holidays through their mobile phones. With m-Commerce continuously on the rise, the Travel industry has experienced particularly strong growth rates in this area. Nearly 700.000 people purchased an airline ticket or hotel accommodation via their mobile phone in March 2014, a Year-on-Year increase of 39%.

While hotel bookings and flight ticket purchases have seen similar growth levels overall, a closer look at comScore MobiLens data reveals that women are contributing stronger to this development than men.

In comparison to the previous year, more than three times as many women booked their hotels through a mobile phone, while the number of males who did so slightly decreased (-7%).

While factors for these developments could include an increase in trust in mobile data protection technologies and improvements in user experience, it is clear that the strong growth of Travel m-Commerce opens up new challenges and opportunities for online travel agents, airlines and technology providers.

Travel m-Commerce in Germany on the Rise

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