International Box Office Essentials

The Movie Industry's Global Currency

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comScore is the global standard for box office reporting – precisely measuring movie viewership from more than 95% of the worldwide box office.

comScore International Box Office Essentials® — our web-based application –along with mobile applications and customized box office reports, gives every major studio, mini-major and prominent independent film distributor in the worldwide industry the numbers they need, when they need them, in the language of their choice.

Our unique, proprietary systems collect and deliver box office results, including weekend box office estimates, and attendance information from more than 125,000 screens in more than 25,000 theaters across the globe, delivering crucial theatrical revenue information — in near real time.

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What did people see and how much did they spend worldwide?

Know the precise performance of your film in the U.S. and across the world.
Leverage a virtual, all-inclusive view of the global box office.

Adjust strategies, promotions and advertising.
Base decisions on real-time and historical global box office performance pertaining to specific movies and movie theater circuits.

Determine the ideal release dates.
Get visibility into the competitive landscape in the world’s most important territories.

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