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mayo 22, 2014

From TV to Total Video

Presentador: Manish Bhatia
Evento: From TV to Total Video

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As more and more content flows across screens, a new approach to video measurement is required to help businesses plan, measure and purchase media with a total view of this new platform-agnostic world.

On May 8, 2014 in New York City, speakers from comScore, Spark SMG and the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement discussed the issues surrounding cross-screen measurement as well as the “Total Video” vision for the future. 

The principles of our Total Video approach to cross-media measurement include:

  1. A single, unduplicated audience metric.
  2. Unified demography across platforms.
  3. A holistic view of all video viewing behavior.
  4. Measurement that is scalable across audiences and platforms.
  5. An approach flexible to fit the future of advertising.

To learn more about comScore’s Total Video approach to measurement, please visit:

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