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juillet 8, 2014

Captivating the Consumer in an Omni-Channel World: The State of Online Retail

Intervenant: Gian Fulgoni
Evènement: iMedia Commerce Summit

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With the rise of mobile, social, and e-commerce, the digital environment has turned the shopping process upside down. From smartphones to tablets to desktop, fragmentation is a more challenging hurdle than ever before. Both in stores and online, the new landscape is providing retailers with both dangers and opportunities to grow and thrive. While many approach e-commerce as a separate unit from the rest of the business, this strategy may actually be jeopardizing sales.

In a keynote presentation at the inaugural iMedia Commerce Summit in Salt Lake City, Utah, Gian Fulgoni, Chairman Emeritus and Co-Founder, comScore, introduced new statistics on the growth of e-commerce across all devices.

Topics covered include:

  • How smartphones are impacting online and in-store shopping
  • How retailers can better align their marketing strategies
  • The latest e-commerce trends to stay ahead of the curve

Tags: Cross Media, e-Commerce, Retail