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avril 8, 2010

SEO & Retail: Who Are the Top Performers and How Do You Become One?

Intervenant: Eli Goodman, Nathan Safran, Seth Dotterer
Evènement: comScore Webinar

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The Search experts at comScore teamed up with Conductor, a leading provider of search engine optimization technology and services, for a special webinar that explores the search marketing challenges faced by online retailers. comScore sets the stage with a review of trends in retail Search marketing and approaches for quantifying value in the retail search funnel. Conductor then demonstrates search visibility and optimization effectiveness strategies for retailers, drawing upon their soon to be released study analyzing the natural search visibility of Internet Retailer Top 500 companies.

You’ll get exclusive insights into:

  • Which Internet Retailers crushed the competition in SEO
  • Strategies to increase natural search visibility in the hyper competitive retail industry
  • New ideas for quantifying the value of SEO in your business