11. Juni 2014 - comScore Whitepaper

2014 Peru Digital Future in Focus

Sprecher: Alejandro Fosk, Senior Vice President, Latin America and Marco García, Country Manager, Peru
2014 Peru Digital Future in Focus Cover

The 2014 Peru Digital Future in Focus report provides a year in review of the major shifts in digital consumer behavior that occurred in various online sectors, including social media, e-commerce, travel and finance. 

Highlights from the report include:

  • Peru has 5.8 million users online, showing a 17% growth for April 2014 versus April 2013, in line with Latin America. The audience mainly consists of men between 15 and 24 years old.
  • Peru is closing the gap with Chile for the number of online users.
  • Facebook leads the social network rankings, followed by LinkedIn.
  • Online banking in Peru had a growth of 12% compared to last year.
  • Android is the dominant operating system of mobile devices in Peru.
  • The Social Media category leads with users spending more minutes online by PC/Laptop than any other category.

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