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Data Gem Lug. 13, 2016 | Share

Russia: News Websites Making Headlines for Mobile Consumption

The speed at which reporting occurs means consumers nowadays benefit from being able to carry devices to access news, in their pockets. While almost half of Russians are accessing the Internet across multiple platforms, the scales have tipped in favour of mobile when looking at reach and time spent online. The category reach of the News/Information... Read more

Data Gem Lug. 12, 2016 | Share

Mobile app e browser: ecco perché i retailer non dovrebbero ignorare l'esperienza di navigazione da browser mobile

Mobile App vs Mobile Browser

La maggior parte dei cittadini europei possiede uno smartphone, che diventa dunque una delle piattaforme fondamentali per qualsiasi settore commerciale. Ma come possono i retailer sfruttare al meglio le abitudini di consumo degli utenti? Read more

Data Gem Giu. 30, 2016 | Share

Dutch Spend Half of Desktop Time Watching Videos

Dutch Spend Half of Desktop Time Watching Videos

As online video consumption continues to increase and expand onto new platforms, video plays an increasingly valuable role in the marketing mix. Desktop remains a growth platform for video, with a 16% increase in viewers from November 2015 to April 2016 meaning that 100% of the Dutch digital audience watches online videos. Understanding behaviours across... Read more

Data Gem Giu. 21, 2016 | Share

Video serves a Social Media ace for Roland-Garros content

Video serves a Social Media ace for Roland-Garros content

The summer brings a series of major international sporting events to France, starting with the tennis French open at Roland-Garros. With millions of people around the world watching, discussing and sharing their passion for this Grand Slam, Social Media provided the perfect platform for instant reaction to the tournament. The learnings from user engagement... Read more

Data Gem Giu. 16, 2016 | Share

How Europe was watching the UEFA Champions League

The UEFA Champions League has gripped sports fans in Europe in recent months, culminating in an all-Spanish final. With a third of the digital population in Europe accessing sports content, the Champions League delivered greater engagement with the category during the competition. Read more

Data Gem Giu. 8, 2016 | Share

Germany: The Rise and Growth of App Usage

App usage on Smartphones drives a growing share of user time, but brands must overcome the hurdle of users’ download habits to capitalize. Read more

Data Gem Giu. 14, 2016 | Share

comScore Q1 2016 Advertising Benchmarks

comScore Q1 2016 Advertising Benchmarks

Ecco come Ad Blocking, Traffico Non Valido (IVT) e Viewability possono influenzare l'erogazione delle campagne. Read more

Data Gem Mag. 3, 2016 | Share

How Food Delivery Services Have Kept Customers Reaching For The Phone

UK consumers have embraced digital channels for ordering food deliveries, driven overwhelmingly by mobile devices. During March this year, over 17% of the UK’s total digital population visited one of the top 3 food delivery sites via PC, smartphone or tablet. Read more

Data Gem Apr. 8, 2016 | Share

Where is Your Programmatic Spend Going?

Where is Your Programmatic Spend Going?

Do you know where your programmatic money going? In an increasingly programmatic environment, measuring and understanding your campaign results is essential. The amount of available metrics is vast, but does the assessment of each individual metric truly tell you the whole story of your campaign performance? The answer is no! Read more

Data Gem Mar. 1, 2016 | Share

Mobile Millennials: Retail Myths and Realities

Mobile devices have changed the way consumers purchase goods. Processes that were historically performed entirely offline have been transformed with the presence of smartphones and tablets that accompany consumers on their visits to retail stores. Read more