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Data Gem Mar. 25, 2014 | Share

66 Percent of Digital Media Population in Spain is Now 'Multi-Platform'

66 Percent of Digital Media Population in Spain is Now ‘Multi-Platform’

comScore recently launched MMX MP to deliver a unified view of desktop, smartphone and tablet audiences in Spain, the third market to have access to multi-platform measurements, together with U.S. and U.K. More than two thirds (66 percent) of the Total Digital Population in Spain now accesses the internet via more than one device in a month; compared... Read more

Data Gem Aug. 9, 2012 | Share

Day 10: comScore at the Games

482,000 people visited via their mobile during June 2012 in the UK compared to 2.4 million who accessed the site via computer. Read more

Data Gem Apr. 2, 2012 | Share

iPhone Users More Likely to Access Wi-Fi than Android Users in the US and UK

Mobile and Wifi Internet Connection Activity Across iOS and Android

A U.S. analysis of Wi-Fi and mobile Internet usage across unique smartphones on the iOS and Android platforms reveals that 71 percent of all unique iPhones used both mobile and Wi-Fi networks to connect to the Internet, while only 32 percent of unique Android mobile phones used both types of connections. A further analysis of this pattern of behavior... Read more

Data Gem Nov. 21, 2011 | Share

Google Sites Top Mobile Browser Property in UK

Top 10 websites accessed through Mobile Browser

In the UK, Google Sites was not only the most visited property for classic web users but it also attracted the most mobile web users, with nearly 12.8 million people accessing Google Sites via their mobile browser. Facebook was the second most popular site accessed via mobile browser, with over 9.6 million users engaging in social activity during September... Read more

Data Gem Jun. 27, 2011 | Share

Text Messaging Usage Among Total Mobile Audience in EU5

In most EU5 markets, text messaging on mobile devices has witnessed a decline in the past year, likely due to increasing alternative means of communication through mobile phones, such as social media. Spain posted the strongest declines year over year at 3.8 percentage points, while France was the only market to see growth in this area, up 2.8 percentage... Read more

Data Gem Jun. 23, 2011 | Share

U.S., Singapore, and U.K. Have the Highest Share of Traffic from Non-Computer Devices

Share of Traffic from Non-Computer Devices

Today, comScore launched Device Essentials - a service that provides an all-encompassing view of digital traffic from all web-enabled devices worldwide. The findings in the inaugural release provide the world's first glimpse into the share of traffic coming from various devices by device type and connection type. Read more

Data Gem Feb. 15, 2011 | Share

Top UK Mobile Sites by Total Minutes Spent

The Sillicon Alley Insider featured this comScore mobile data in yesterday's Chart of the Day. In the UK, Facebook was the clear leader in a ranking of top sites by time spent. In December 2010 the 7.5 million unique mobile visitors spent a total of 2.5 billion minutes on, averaging 5.6 hours per visitor during the month. Read more

Data Gem Nov. 22, 2010 | Share

Top 10 European Countries by Retail Penetration

Top 10 European Countries by Retail Penetration

The U.K. led all European countries with the largest percentage of users visiting online retailers in October 2010, with 89.3% of the population doing so. France was a close second with 84.3% reach, followed by 81.7% of German online users looking at online retail sites in October. Read more

Data Gem Nov. 8, 2010 | Share

U.K. Leads World in Entertainment News Reach

Top 10 Countries for Entertainment News by Reach Sep2010

The U.K. led the globe with the largest percentage of online users visiting entertainment news destinations in September, with half the population doing so. The U.S. closely followed with nearly 49% reached, with 48.4% of Vietnam online users checking out entertainment news sites in September. Read more

Data Gem Oct. 29, 2010 | Share

Infographic: European Smartphone Market Grows 41% in Past Year

Here is an excellent infographic from Javier Pérez at Metagrà based on data from our recent European smartphone release. Smartphone adoption in the EU5 (U.K., France, Germany, Spain, Italy) has grown 41 percent in the past year to 60.8 million subscribers. Read more