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Data Gem May. 20, 2014 | Share

UK Travel Consumers Go Mobile

Uk Share of Total Unique Travel Visitors

Mobile is playing an increasingly important role in how UK consumers research and book travel. Read more

Data Gem Mar. 25, 2014 | Share

66 Percent of Digital Media Population in Spain is Now 'Multi-Platform'

66 Percent of Digital Media Population in Spain is Now ‘Multi-Platform’

comScore recently launched MMX MP to deliver a unified view of desktop, smartphone and tablet audiences in Spain, the third market to have access to multi-platform measurements, together with U.S. and U.K. More than two thirds (66 percent) of the Total Digital Population in Spain now accesses the internet via more than one device in a month; compared... Read more

Data Gem Dec. 9, 2013 | Share

UK’s ASOS has the Youngest Audience Amongst Top Australian Retail Sites

Demographic Composition of the Top Online Retail Sites in Australia

Woolworths Limited, Coles Group Ltd, and, the top 3 online retailers in Australia attract a more mature audience than the average online demographic pattern in Australia. 62% of both Woolworths’ and Coles’ users are above 35 years old. skews even older, with 67% of its audience being above 35 years old. Read more

Data Gem Nov. 19, 2013 | Share

Local Media Entities Are Particularly Popular in Scotland

Reach of Local Media in Scotland vs UK Total

The popularity of local versus national media is a question that we often get asked at comScore. The below comparison of selected news brands shows that when focusing on internet users living in North East or Central Scotland, the reach of leading local media properties was significantly higher than the average reach levels in the UK during October... Read more

Data Gem Oct. 24, 2013 | Share

Public Broadcasters vs Terrestrial Broadcasters: Who has Largest Share of Online Video?

Public Broadcasters vs Terrestrial Broadcasters

As the European video landscape continues to evolve, the share of videos delivered via public and terrestrial broadcasters seems to differ significantly across various countries. Looking in particular at the UK, Germany and France, in September 2013 the BBC, public broadcaster in the UK, had a far higher share of online videos delivered from TV broadcasters... Read more

Data Gem Oct. 14, 2013 | Share

France Has Highest Reach Worldwide for Jewelry/Luxury Goods/Accessories category

Jewelry/Luxury Goods/Accessories category using a desktop PC or laptop

Consumers are increasingly turning to online channels to engage with their favourite fashion brands. Nearly 80 million people worldwide accessed a site from Jewelry/Luxury Goods/Accessories category using a desktop PC or laptop in August 2013, up 8 percent compared to the same period last year. The top 3 destinations in this category were,... Read more

Data Gem Sep. 30, 2013 | Share

The UK Newspaper Audience on Tablet is a Quarter of the Size of PC Audience

UK Newspaper Audience on Tablet

In July 2013, 12.8 million people in the UK went online via tablet. Looking at the newspaper category in particular, data from comScore MMX Multi-Platform shows that the UK newspaper audience on tablet is a quarter of the size of the PC audience. Read more

Data Gem Sep. 26, 2013 | Share

Multi-Platform Users Consume 23 Percent More Content Than PC-Only Users

Multi-Platform Users UK

Consumer consumption of content across platforms is fragmenting at an accelerating pace. Newly released data from comScore MMX Multi-Platform, shows that UK multi-platform users consume 23 percent more digital content than PC-only users. Read more

Data Gem Sep. 25, 2013 | Share

The UK Multi-Platform Majority

More than two thirds (69 percent) of the UK digital population are now multiple device users. Our newly released MMX Multi-Platform tablet data revealed that 12.8 million people in the UK went online via tablets in July 2013. Read more

Data Gem Aug. 19, 2013 | Share

Video Consumption via Smartphone is Increasing Rapidly in EU5 Countries

Growth of Smartphone Users Watching Video or TV EU5

The video landscape in Europe is changing. The percentage of EU5 (Spain, Germany, Italy, France and UK) smartphone users that watched a video or TV via their device, at least once in a month, has increased 112 percent over the past year to 52.8 million smartphone users (representing 34.8 percent of the EU5 audience) in June 2013. Read more