June 12, 2013

New study finds that two-thirds of consumers who interacted with a Mobile Rising Stars ad rate the ads “better” or “much better” than a standard mobile ad

Kate Dreyer
Director, Corporate Communications
The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has announced the inclusion of five Mobile Rising Stars ad formats into the official IAB Standard Ad Portfolio to enable brand marketers to tell bigger and bolder stories on smaller, mobile screens. The news was released along with findings from a study conducted in partnership with Vibrant Media and comScore related to the “OREO Cookie vs. Creme" marketing campaign, which shows that the IAB Mobile Rising Stars ad formats garner greater user interaction and deliver higher brand and message recall than do standard mobile banner ads.

Among the findings, two-thirds (67%) who interacted with a Mobile Rising Stars ad rate the ads “better” or “much better” than a standard mobile ad.

The IAB Mobile Rising Stars are part of the larger IAB Rising Stars initiative, which seeks to create new canvasses for brand advertising on digital platforms. These formats are intended to work across all major mobile platforms and allow mobile ad buys at the same scale and scope as typical online display buys.

Rating of Mobile Ads and Banners

The paper’s findings are based on the results of an intensive research effort that included phone, online and in-person surveys of more than 120 advertisers, marketers, publishers, technology developers and marketing service providers (conducted between March and May 2013). The study leveraged comScore's Brand Survey Lift Mobile product.

Access the IAB press release for more information on this study, here.

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