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Presentation Oct. 12, 2015 | Share

The Rise of the Multi-Platform Viewer

The Rise of the Multi-Platform Viewer

Video has escaped the TV set, providing consumers with new ways to interact with content and brands. Through the rapid adoption of new viewing options like binge-watching, cord-cutting, and time-shifting, a new type of consumer has risen: the Multi-Platform Viewer. Instead of one platform competing with another for attention, Multi-Platform Viewers... Read more

Whitepaper Oct. 1, 2015 | Share

2015 Global Digital Future in Focus

2015 Global Digital Future in Focus

In this report, we will examine key trends affecting the global digital ecosystem. We will show how the landscape has changed, who is leading the way, and what other regions can expect to see. Read more

Presentation Sep. 28, 2015 | Share

Push Play: Is your video strategy driving results or stuck on “Pause"?

Push Play: Is your video strategy driving results or stuck on “Pause?”

Federica Ancona of SKY and Andrew Read discuss how to leverage video analytics to drive strategic objectives focused on how to understand, engage, and monetize video audiences across all platforms. As a solutions-oriented analytics professional with broad expertise across multiple industries including broadcast media, finance, and retail, Ms. Ancona... Read more

Whitepaper Sep. 22, 2015 | Share

The 2015 U.S. Mobile App Report

The 2015 U.S. Mobile App Report

Digital media time in the U.S. has exploded recently – growing nearly 50 percent in the past two years, with more than three-fourths of that growth directly attributable to the mobile app. Mobile has grown so fast that it’s now the leading digital platform, with total activity on smartphones and tablets accounting for 62 percent of digital media... Read more

Presentation Sep. 16, 2015 | Share

Media Planning with the Best of Both Worlds: TV & Digital

Media Planning with the Best of Both Worlds TV and Digital

In this presentation, David Shiffman, comScore SVP of Agency Solutions, shared best practices and real examples for multichannel media planning. Read more

Presentation Jul. 16, 2015 | Share

Hulu Total Audience Measurement Across Platforms

Hulu Total Audience Measurement Across Platforms

Manish Bhatia, CRO at comScore, and Peter Naylor, SVP, Advertising Sales at Hulu presented a study that accurately measures audiences for Hulu across the multiple devices. Read more

Whitepaper Jul. 14, 2015 | Share

The Global Mobile Report: How Multi-Platform Audiences & Engagement Compare in the US, Canada, UK and Beyond

Mobile Report

Over the past several years, internet usage across the globe has increasingly shifted from desktop to multi-platform. With mobile now the leading digital platform in many global markets, publishers need to understand the full extent of their global multi-platform audience’s behaviors, while advertisers must understand these shifts in media consumption... Read more

Presentation Jul. 2, 2015 | Share

Measuring Cross-Channel Shoppers Across Platforms

Measuring Cross Channel Shoppers Across Platforms

At the Audience Research Foundation's Audience Measurement 2015 conference, Gian Fulgoni, Co-Founder and Chairman Emeritus of comScore, presented findings on measuring the cross-channel shopper in a cross-platform world. Read more

Whitepaper Mar. 26, 2015 | Share

2015 U.S. Digital Future in Focus

2015 US Digital Future in Focus

The digital world achieved enormous progress in 2014 as several transformative changes shaped how Americans interacted with technology and consumed media. Perhaps more so than at any other time in recent memory, changes were not merely incremental but rather seemed to represent key inflection points in the evolution of various markets and behaviors.... Read more

Presentation Nov. 25, 2014 | Share

Consumer Purchase Patterns in Online Travel: Decisions In A Multi-Platform World

LAC Travel Payments Day

Travel is experiencing the shift towards mobile in the United States. This presentation looks at how smartphones and tablets impact travel from servicing to purchasing, and what that may hold for Latin America in the future. Read more