Blog Apr. 3, 2014 | Share Putting the Digital Advertising Future into Focus: A Q&A with Anne Hunter

Putting the Digital Advertising Future into Focus: A Q&A with Anne Hunter

Digital advertising has evolved tremendously with the advent of new technologies, the evolution of new ad formats, and a shift in the way ads are bought and sold online. The past few years alone have seen more and more branding dollars flowing to digital as the medium proved itself in being able to reach targeted audiences at scale while delivering... Read more

By: Kate Dreyer Tags: Ad Impressions, Ad Validation, Advertising, Cross Media

Blog Mar. 17, 2014 | Share

Social Media Monetization in a Mobile First World

As much as Silicon Valley’s ethos is the constant pursuit of creating value, eventually the byproduct of this process (and the stakeholders involved) will also require the creation of revenue. In the past year, we have seen these dynamics play out in the Social Networking sector across a variety of companies at different stages of growth, maturity,... Read more

By: Eli Goodman Tags: Audience Measurement, Cross Media, Facebook, Mobile, Multi-Platform

Video Feb. 13, 2014 | Share

Serge Matta talks to BeetTV about the partnership between comScore and Google

Serge Matta, President of comScore, gives an overview of the comScore/Google partnership and its implications for the digital industry. View

Featuring: Serge Matta Tags: Ad Impressions, Ad Validation, Advertising, Cross Media, Google, Mobile, Video

Press Release Jan. 29, 2014 | Share

comScore Collaborates with CIMM to Expand its Pioneering Cross-Platform Measurement Service, Combining Five Platforms of TV, Radio, Desktop, Smartphone and Tablet

comScore (NASDAQ: SCOR) in collaboration with the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM), today announced plans to expand its pioneering cross-platform measurement service, the industry’s first to provide continuous unified measurement of media usage on a national scale across TV, radio, desktop, smartphone and tablet. Read more

By: Andrew Lipsman Tags: Cross Media, Mobile, Multi-Platform, TV, Video

Press Release Jan. 27, 2014 | Share

comScore Announces Agreement with Nielsen to License PPM Television and Radio Data Pursuant to a Federal Trade Commission Decision and Order

comScore (NASDAQ: SCOR) today announced that, in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s Decision and Order dated September 20, 2013, it has signed an agreement to acquire and license certain assets related to cross-platform audience measurement services of Nielsen Audio (formerly Arbitron, Inc.), including television and radio data collected... Read more

By: Kate Dreyer Tags: comScore Financial News, Cross Media

Presentation Nov. 28, 2013 | Share

Online Measurement: What was measured, what we are measuring, what's next

During IAB Inspirational, Jaime Agulló, Managing Director of comScore Iberia, demonstrated the importance of data-driven advertising planning for consumers on multiple devices. Read more

By: Jaime Agulló Tags: Advertising, Audience Measurement, Cookies, Cross Media, Multi-Platform

Presentation Sep. 23, 2013 | Share Webanalytics: Turning Data into Insight

Webanalytics: Turning Data into Insight

For the BVDW Guided Tour, Thomas discussed (in German) the evolution of big data and how comScore Digital Analytix Multi-Platform helps clients make sense of this data and turn it into meaningful insights for their business. Read more

Tags: Big Data, Cross Media, Mobile

Presentation Sep. 19, 2013 | Share Crack the Code on Cross-Platform

Cross-Platform: A Reality Check

comScore Chairman Gian Fulgoni presents at the ARF Chicago event: Crack the Code on Cross-Platform. Read more

By: Gian Fulgoni Tags: Advertising, Cross Media, Mobile, Retail, TV

Presentation Apr. 30, 2013 | Share Smartphones and tablets now drive 1 in 3 minutes spent online.

Brave New Digital World: From Content to Commerce

As the average consumer’s screen time expands, so do the opportunities and challenges for marketers. comScore executive chairman and co-founder Gian Fulgoni presented core principles needed by all to embrace "Brave New Digital World: From Content to Commerce" at the 2013 Festival of Media. Read more

By: Gian Fulgoni Tags: Audience Measurement, Cross Media, Media & Entertainment, Multi-Platform, Retail, Smartphone, Tablets

Blog Apr. 29, 2013 | Share Digital video consumption reaches new heights.

UbiquiTV: Video Fragmentation is the New Reality

Big brand marketing was so much easier when individual TV shows could consistently deliver scale, but the ability to achieve the same target reach and frequency objectives today tends to require advertising on more and more TV shows. That’s where digital video comes in. It helps build reach beyond what TV can cost-effectively achieve alone among prized... Read more

By: Eli Goodman Tags: Advertising, Audience Measurement, Cross Media, Multi-Platform, Tablets

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