Webinar 九月 9, 2015 | Share Campaign Measurement to Drive Efficiency

Campaign Measurement to Drive Efficiency

Join us for our upcoming webinar where Alejandra Cesar, Digital Content Director and Abraham Gonzalez, Deputy Digital Committee, who are responsible for implementing Digital Analytix® in the El Financiero newspaper, will discuss in detail their experience with this tool and the results obtained in this case study.

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Webinar 九月 10, 2015 | Share TV vs. Digital – Frenemies No More

TV vs. Digital – Frenemies No More

As consumers flock to new platforms to watch video, there has been a growing rivalry between TV and digital and where dollars should be allocated. Yet, advertisers just want to reach the consumer wherever they spend time. To get your brands exposed in front of these consumers, you need to build the right balance. It’s time for TV and Digital to bury the hatchet and discover new ways to complement each other.


David Shiffman, comScore SVP of Agency Solutions
10 九月 3:00 pm - 3:30 pm

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