13. Januar 2011 - Veranstaltung: comScore ARS Report Series

What Would Don Draper Do In A Digital World

Andrea Vollman
Doug Crang
Gian M. Fulgoni Gian Fulgoni
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Jeff Cox
What Would Don Draper Do In Today’s Digital World?

For decades, Madison Avenue advertising executives, embodied by the fictional characters in the award-winning AMC television series Mad Men, have built some of the most impactful advertising campaigns by focusing on the creative strategy and execution of an ad. Beyond the examples brought to life in Mad Men, years of sophisticated advertising research have proven that great creative is critical to the success of campaigns. Digital advertising, however, has historically centered on the media plan, while strategy and creative execution have taken a backseat.

Today, as more dollars shift to digital and the costs associated with advertising on this channel rise, the role of creative needs to be elevated to the forefront of the conversation. But there are still many more questions than answers in understanding the true role of creative in the digital medium, leaving many to wonder: What Would Don Draper Do In Today’s Digital World?

comScore ARS has developed a series of reports focused on the important role of creative in advertising. The first paper in the series is available for download today:

Part 1: When Advertising Goes Digital: What Would Don Draper Do In a Digital World?

This paper, a first in a series of comScore ARS reports on the role of creative in digital and traditional television advertising, serves as a starting point for an important industry-wide dialogue about creative’s role in digital. It helps us to begin to answer some critical questions, such as: Knowing what we do about creative’s important role in advertising, why is there still so little focus on creative in digital? What role should it play in today’s new advertising ecosystem, and why are so few advertisers and their agencies testing it?

Download Part 1

Part 2: When CPG Brands Get Digital

When CPG Brands Get Digital

This paper, the second in a series of comScore ARS reports on the role of creative in digital and traditional television advertising, provides an analysis of recent U.S. copy-testing studies focused on CPG brands. It helps to begin to answer some critical questions that leading CPG marketers are asking, such as: How can digital copy-testing help me to optimize future campaigns, and to what extent does pre-testing improve my overall ROI? What creative elements are most important to include in my digital campaigns? Which elements yield the strongest sales impact? How can I best communicate messages about price and promotion, and how does this differ from branding messaging?

Download Part 2

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