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Digital Analytix® Multi-Platform Awarded New Technology of the Year by Digital Analytics Association

Last night at the Digital Analytics Association Awards for Excellence Gala at eMetrics in San Francisco, comScore Digital Analytix Multi-Platform was awarded New Technology of the Year (tied with Tealium). This award is not only an incredible honor for us, but is a testament to comScore’s commitment to innovation in web analytics. Leggi di più

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The Multi-Platform Majority is Here to Stay, and What This Means for Your Web Analytics

The new speed of digital innovation poses a challenge for businesses, especially when it comes to web analytics. Traditional metrics used in web analytics are quickly becoming unreliable due to the proliferation of devices that are coming online. It isn’t that the measurement practices of the digital world are flawed, it’s that the inputs themselves... Leggi di più

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Blog Nov. 4, 2013 | Share Traffic is Up Slightly, But Browsing and Enrollment is Down

After a decline in traffic to during the third week of open enrollment, traffic increased during the beginning of week four as the number of unique visitors reached 500,000 per day for the first time since October 10th. Leggi di più

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Blog Ott. 24, 2013 | Share Five Strategies for Effectively Marketing to the Multi-Platform Majority

Five Strategies for Effectively Marketing to the Multi-Platform Majority

In a world where multiple device usage is no longer the exception but the rule, the time has come for a new multi-platform approach to digital media measurement, planning, evaluation and optimization. Publishers, advertisers and marketers must be empowered with the right metrics to understand holistically how their audiences behave online if they are... Leggi di più

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Blog Ott. 7, 2013 | Share U.S. Unique Visitors to Sees Massive Traffic Spike, Reaching 2.5 Million Americans on 1st Day

With the Health Insurance Marketplace open to the public as of a few days ago, there have already been a number of reports about the massive amount of web traffic the Marketplace is experiencing. Indeed, comScore data confirm the considerable early interest in the Marketplace among American s seeking information about their health insurance options... Leggi di più

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Blog Set. 10, 2013 | Share Mobile Apps

Measurement in the Evolving App Environment

Recently, a leading U.S. news publisher helped us uncover a surprisingly common issue with double-counting unique browsers across mobile applications. Double-counting browsers can cascade across all of your metrics and result in incorrect analysis of how your apps are actually performing. Does your organization have multiple mobile apps? If you answered... Leggi di più

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Blog Apr. 1, 2013 | Share More Screens Mean More Time Spent on Every Device

Multi-Platform Media Usage is Not a Zero Sum Game

Conventional wisdom would suggest that in this age of media fragmentation, usage of multiple devices – TVs, PCs, smartphones, and tablets – would inevitably cannibalize one another. After watching hours of TV, the last thing you’d want to do is pick up your tablet, stare at another screen, and start surfing the web, right? But in a similar fashion... Leggi di più

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Blog Dic. 13, 2012 | Share

Welcome to a Brave New Digital World

Media fragmentation is occurring at light-speed in today’s multi-platform environment, which features not only TVs and computers, but smartphones, tablets, gaming platforms and a seemingly ever-increasing number of emerging devices. This new paradigm offers consumers a seamless digital experience that can easily traverse platforms, locations and temporal... Leggi di più

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Digital Analytix First to Comply with IAB and ABCe Terminology Guidelines for Counting Audience Size

Yesterday I wrote about comScore’s exciting global launch of Digital Analytix, our next generation web analytics platform that aims to overcome many of the most chronic and acute pain points of web analytics professionals today. Digital Analytix delivers on the promises of greater flexibility, integration, ease of implementation and the groundbreaking... Leggi di più

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comScore Introduces Digital Analytix: Overcoming Pain Points with Digital Data

Today, comScore introduced a next generation web analytics product to the market called Digital Analytix. We’re excited about it for a lot of reasons, but mostly because it solves a number of ongoing challenges that we believe have caused pain for the digital community for far too long. Early marketplace feedback confirms our thinking: the platform... Leggi di più

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