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Whitepaper Abr. 27, 2016 | Share

The CNN Cross-Media Report

In today’s cross-media world, consumers not only have a vast array of options for what media content to consume, they also have more options than ever as to how they consume it. The consumer choice among TV, desktop or mobile depends on a number of factors, such as content availability, convenience and the individual’s personal preference at a specific... Leia mais

Apresentação Abr. 18, 2016 | Share

From the Dealership to the Livingroom: Reach Your Auto Intenders

From the Dealership to the Livingroom Reach Your Auto Intenders

In this presentation Julia Johnston, comScore Vice President of Agency Sales, takes an in-depth look at targeting automotive buyers with your TV buys. Leia mais

Apresentação Abr. 11, 2016 | Share

Combating Fraud to Drive ROI: A Kellogg and Krux Case Study

Combating Fraud to Drive ROI

In this case study, learn how Krux and comScore partner to help Kellogg reduce invalid traffic, automate optimization and save $2 million dollars in wasted ad spend. Leia mais

Whitepaper Mar. 30, 2016 | Share

2016 U.S. Cross-Platform Future in Focus

2016 US Cross Platform Future in Focus

2015 was another transformative year in media, as TV and digital convergence accelerates and the longstanding consumer habits continue to be upended. While the media landscape is often described as growing increasingly ‘fragmented’, a more accurate description might be that it’s becoming increasingly interconnected, with consumers seamlessly accessing... Leia mais

Whitepaper Mar. 14, 2016 | Share

The Value of a Digital Ad

The Value of a Digital Ad

A collection of research demonstrating how digital advertising can be successfully measured and made more valuable. Leia mais

Apresentação Mar. 11, 2016 | Share

Media Measurement: Today and Beyond

Media Measurement Today and Beyond

In this session, Aaron Fetters, SVP comScore Marketing Solutions, will specifically explore how online video can best be integrated with traditional television across all devices and how measurement needs to evolve to meet the needs of advertisers. Leia mais

Apresentação Dez. 1, 2015 | Share

State of the U.S. Online Retail Economy in Q3 2015

State of the U.S. Online Retail Economy in Q3 2015

In this presentation, comScore Chairman Emeritus & Co-Founder Gian Fulgoni and comScore VP of Marketing & Insights Andrew Lipsman take an in-depth look at the online retail trends that will drive this holiday season and impact the market. Leia mais

Whitepaper Nov. 18, 2015 | Share

2015 Online Auto Insurance Shopping Report

2015 Online Auto Insurance Shopping Report

The 2015 Online Auto Insurance Shopping Report provides a detailed analysis of overall industry trends and the attitudes and intentions of consumers shopping for auto insurance online. In addition, the study reports on the volume of online quote requests and highlights customer preferences on purchasing channels and key factors driving the decision-making... Leia mais

Apresentação Nov. 2, 2015 | Share

Empowered Shoppers Propel Retail Change

Empowered Shoppers Propel Retail Change

Today’s empowered shoppers are propelling retail change. To stay competitive, retailers must continually monitor customer preferences along the full path to purchase. For the fourth year in a row, comScore partnered with UPS to uncover consumers’ online shopping preferences and understand what services enhance the customer experience. Learn how... Leia mais

Apresentação Out. 26, 2015 | Share

Introduction to vCE in DoubleClick: An Effortless, Actionable and Trusted GRP

Introduction to vCE in DoubleClick: An Effortless, Actionable and Trusted GRP

vCE in DoubleClick provides media buyers and sellers with the real-time data they need in an effortless, actionable and trusted GRP solution. Leia mais