Jamie Jamie

What sets comscore apart
is the ever-changing and
dynamic nature of the work.

- Jamie, Senior Director

Coralie Naresh

I enjoy the benefits
of being at a mature company
and the thrill of being
at a start-up.

- Naresh, Group Vice President


We are a fast
growing company with
an international presence,
but we still have our start-up roots.

- Natasja, Recruitment Researcher

John Jon

Even after more
than four years
at comScore, I am
still challenged daily.

- Jon, Senior Manager



选择 comScore,发展您的职业生涯。comScore 是测量数字世界的全球领袖,也是数字营销情报的首选来源。comScore 寻求才华横溢、具有创新精神并且工作积极主动的人士加盟,以帮助推动公司日益快速发展。我们提供一个快速发展的创业工作环境,让您有机会体验各种刺激、挑 战和丰厚的工作回报。

在 comScore 工作,人人机会均等。


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