- 10 de mayo, 2022

Comscore and IRI Partner to Reinvent Contextual Targeting with the Launch of Predictive Audiences for CPG Advertisers

Angela Rodriguez
Angela Rodriguez
Vicepresidente, Activation
Proximic by Comscore

With the deprecation of third-party cookies, advertisers and agencies are in critical need of new ways to ensure their campaigns are reaching the right audiences at scale. Comscore Predictive Audiences is the industry’s first privacy-forward targeting capability, enabling advertisers to reach desirable audiences across screens by combining observed media consumption behaviors with rich contextual data.

The launch of Predictive Audiences for CPG advertisers comes as the next evolution of a longstanding partnership between Comscore and IRI, a fast-growing global technology leader in innovative solutions and services for consumer, retail and media companies. With the launch, advertisers in the CPG and OTC healthcare industries will be able to combine Comscore’s patent-pending, privacy-forward methodology with data representing multiple industries from leading data providers. IRI specifically brings forth an unmatched set of deterministic consumer purchase data from the largest aggregated set of loyalty cards, covering 93% of US households.

“IRI appreciates the opportunity to build on our longstanding relationship with Comscore and help advertisers define the perfect audience for their brands with IRI ProScores,” states Jennifer Pelino, EVP of Global Media Solutions at IRI. “Advertisers can easily determine which consumer s have the propensity to purchase products within a specific category, subcategory or brand and deliver targeted communications with significantly enhanced relevancy to individual shoppers. Targeting audiences that are most likely to buy a specific brand based on past behavior will help marketers identify the highest sales opportunities, increase brand penetration and reduce wasted ad spend. With more accurate targeting at scale, IRI clients experience increased sales lift for their ad campaigns with many benefiting from lift greater than 200%.”

Rachel Gantz, General Manager, Activation Solutions at Comscore states, “...programmatic audience targeting options evolved over time into the wild west, with few checks on data quality and performance. Cookie deprecation gives the industry a chance to wipe the slate clean and return to the fundamentals of quality data based on observed behaviors, and then build on it with next-gen technology. We are excited to leverage our partnership with IRI to deliver on this vision.”

Comscore partners with additional data providers such as Eyeota, PlaceIQ, Polk by IHS Markit and TransUnion, along with many others to layer on millions of observed cross-platform media behaviors to Comscore’s consented global panel of over 3 million individuals. The data is then matched to thousands of subcategories to determine the audience’s most consumed content.

Predictive Audiences targets the most extensive array of content in market across digital, CTV, mobile, YouTube, gaming and podcast inventory, offering increased scale and accuracy at a fraction of the cost. By utilizing predictive analytics and contextual targeting tactics, Comscore has developed an industry leading, future-proof capability that serves as a viable alternative for advertisers to maintain and achieve their business objectives at scale in a cookieless, privacy-centric world.