- 13 de septiembre, 2012

LTE Adoption Grows Nearly Tenfold in Past Year

Among the new features to be included in the iPhone 5, the capacity to support LTE network connectivity stands out as perhaps one of the most heavily-anticipated improvements to the device and one that represents a significant upgrade to the mobile web experience.

Although less than 10 percent of smartphone users currently use LTE-enabled devices, we have seen adoption of LTE-enabled phones increase nearly tenfold in the past year. This growth may reflect both that device manufacturers increasingly see the value of supporting LTE and that mobile users have a willingness to pay to support their demand for faster mobile media consumption.

The iPhone 5's support for LTE could indicate that Apple is betting that faster mobile connectivity will usher in the future of the industry, driving greater mobile media consumption and paving the way for additional shifts in the way people already use their smartphones.

What could this mean for the mobile industry at large? For more on our thoughts on the evolution of the iPhone and the impact the iPhone 5 could have, check out "What's Next for the iPhone?" on the Comscore Voices blog.

4G LTE Adoption