- 2 de junio, 2020

Investing in Uncertainty: Brokerage Shopping during Coronavirus

John Ferguson
John Ferguson
Lead Analyst, Client Insights

Since the onset of the COVID-19 global pandemic, the world has experienced high levels of market volatility, leading to changing consumer behaviors across every aspect of the financial world.  

During this Coffee with Comscore webinar, we examined how consumer brokerage shopping behaviors have shifted over the last few months including looking into trended shopping volumes and top-shopped products, advertising messaging across top brands, brokerage shopping growth across desktop and mobile, and more.

This webinar looked at:  

  • Changing consumer behavior – particularly shopping for investment accounts – during COVID-19
  • Which online channels are driving growth for brokerage brands, and where advertising can help drive engagement
  • Desktop vs. mobile performance growth in Q1’20
  • How brands can adapt to the needs of a large influx of new, potentially unseasoned, investors 

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Coronavirus Insights

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Coronavirus Insights

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