- 4 de marzo, 2009

Everton: The People's Club

OK, this is very amusing so check this out!

It would seem that out of all U.K. visitors to Evertonfc.com, 46.8 percent come from the North West, compared to just 16.8 percent of all U.K. visitors to Liverpoolfc.tv! These numbers are based on 3 months worth of data rolled-up into a single month average (in this case ending January 2009). So in other words, these numbers are not affected by seasonal fluctuations, or temporary-regional migrations, they are literally “averaged out over the course of the season to date!”

Ergo, the majority of Liverpool’s U.K. fan base isn’t really made up of Liverpudlians at all!!! In fact, 20.3 percent of U.K. visitors to their site hail from LONDON! Say it with me...Unbelievable Jeff!

For a more qualitative measure, just ask Everton manager David Moyes, who gave this comment when he first signed up with the club: "I am from a city (Glasgow) that is not unlike Liverpool. I am joining the people's football club. The majority of people you meet on the street are Everton fans. It is a fantastic opportunity, something you dream about. I said 'yes' right away as it is such a big club."

Oh, and if you are wondering where I am while I’m writing this post by the way: London (part of the 4.8 percent of visitors to Evertonfc.com who reside here, I’m afraid!)

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