26 de noviembre, 2013

Giving Thanks to Our Panelists This Holiday Season

Richard Weaver
Deputy Privacy Officer

This week I’ve noticed many friends posting little notes on their social media accounts about what they are thankful for this season. While we at comScore are thankful for many things, I wanted to particularly extend our thanks to a group of folks responsible for helping comScore provide value to so many others: our 2 million global research panelists.

We are thankful for the these folks who have installed our research software, which allows us to measure their internet activity to provide reports to the many digital companies who use this information to develop products that make all of our lives better.

We are thankful to the non-profit Trees for the Future program, which has used comScore’s contributions to plant more than 7 million trees around the world on behalf of our many research panelists who participate in this incentive program.

We are thankful for the A+ rating that we have earned from the Better Business Bureau, which we believe is a reflection of the hard work that our customer service team puts in, with responses going out seven days a week when we get a question in.

We are thankful for our tens of thousands of Facebook fans who complete interesting surveys and share their experiences here. Comments such as these really make us smile:

  • “Yesterday my husband and I took the gift cards I received for doing surveys to Applebee's and boy it was good food!!! thanks OPINIONSQUARE!! A couple weeks ago we saw Star Trek Into Darkness with the movie tickets I was rewarded with!!”
  • “This survey site is the best, where you actually build points to get FREE prizes that are really nice!”
  • “My sisters love this place.”

We are very happy to offer more than 10,000 products that can be redeemed through points given for participation. This year along, more than $500,000 in prizes and gift cards have been issued, and participants have redeemed them for great items like digital cameras with wi-fi, humidifiers, picnic tables, binoculars, and even Android tablets.

Without the participation of our wonderful panelists, so much of what we do at comScore would be impossible. Their contributions enable us to provide digital companies with the information to power their products and services, which enrich everyone’s digital experiences. And for that we should all be thankful.

comScore wishes all of you a Happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful holiday season!

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