- 13 de mayo, 2024

The strategic leap to unlock India’s total digital audience measurement

Key takeaways from Mumbai’s ‘Comscore Interact India’ event

Alejandro Fosk
Alejandro Fosk
EVP, International

On May 9, 2024, the Comscore Interact India took place in Mumbai and served as a pivotal gathering between clients and other industry leaders. This exclusive session underscored the transformation in internet users’ digital consumption, the challenges of digital measurement that this entails, and the emerging opportunities in India’s vibrant landscape.

To navigate the current digital landscape, marketers must face the cross-platform measurement privacy challenges and operate within the privacy framework required by the approaching cookieless future, which is a future for which Comscore has well-prepared with its updated Unified Measurement Methodology, UDM 2.0.

The discussion at Comscore Interact India centered on cutting-edge solutions capable of unlocking the potential of India’s rapidly expanding digital population. This expansion has brought up a new consumption dynamic between Indian audience and digital content, as well as the distribution platforms.

Regarding the emerging platforms and content distribution channels, social media and Connected TV (CTV) are the key drivers in the evolution of the Indian digital landscape. Here is an outline of the contribution of each:

- Social Media's transformative impact in India

The impact of the growth of social platforms in India was a focal point, highlighting its escalating importance within digital strategies. Integrating social media metrics with traditional digital measurement is therefore seen by the industry as essential. Social media reaches 93% of India’s digital population - as March 2024 data illustrates - making social measurement integration essential for a comprehensive audience analysis. *This involves metrics that matter - such as engagement analysis, competitive benchmarking, partnerships results tracking, and influencer effectiveness - providing marketers with a detailed view of their Total Digital footprint. This complete vision is fundamental for understanding the customer journey, optimizing advertising strategies and monetizating outcomes.

And this year saw the introduction of a significant breakthrough for the Indian market with Comscore’s groundbreaking initiative, Social Incremental. This innovative solution offers a next level measurement currency that effectively de-duplicates digital and social audiences, providing a unique person-level view. A major focus in the Mumbai discussions was the shift in news consumption from traditional media properties to social, and the surge of social-only young readers. Social Incremental unlocks these previously inaccessible data, overcoming the constraints of walled-gardens and empowering creators to fully harness their content's reach.

- The CTV measurement that empowers the Indian digital industry

Another highlight was the strategic importance of CTV in India’s advertising ecosystem. As its adoption increases, understanding the viewers’ profiles and their perceptions towards advertising is crucial. Our discussions delved into promising collaborations aimed at detailed measurement, such as how CTV offers unique opportunities for targeted advertising, providing a bridge between traditional TV’s broad reach and digital’s precision targeting. This marks a promising start that is empowering the Indian market.

The forecast from Mumbai presents a promising outlook for India's digital horizon. India is positioned for spectacular progress in the cross-platform digital landscape, fueled by innovative measurement solutions and strategic local partnerships.

As Comscore continues to innovate, its commitment to the Indian digital market remains firmly aimed at helping India to excel in this dynamic ecosystem. By providing a holistic view of the digital landscape, our approach not only improves measurement accuracy, but also facilitates strategic decision-making, enabling publishers and brands to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving digital market.

To learn more details about how Comscore’s measurement solutions can transform the impact of your business strategy, don’t hesitate to contact us.