Discussing Some Universal Truths About The Movie Industry with Jim Orr

Featuring: Jim Orr, President of Domestic Theatrical Distribution, Universal Pictures

Paul Dergarabedian
Paul Dergarabedian
Senior Media Analyst

This week host Paul Dergarabedian is again joined by Jim Orr, the President of Domestic Theatrical Distribution for Universal Pictures, a studio that has been at the forefront of film release innovation during the pandemic.

Listen as Paul and Jim discuss the updated state of the industry many months after they last spoke on the podcast. Then stick around as Jim shares what he thinks the state of theatrical and streaming release strategies will look like in the latter part of 2021 and into 2022.

This episode covers:

  • What has changed over the past Pandemic year regarding film releases?
  • How have Universal's bold release strategies paid off big for the studio and filmmakers?
  • Why does being a filmmaker-centric studio matter?
  • What made "F9" such a hit and how did the studio work with creatives to ensure its global success?
  • How has Universal's diverse slate of films been developed over the years?
  • What are the big hits that Universal promises to deliver in 2021 & 2022?

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