- 14 de mayo, 2019

The Next Frontier in OTT

Susan Engleson
Susan Engleson
Senior Director, Products

The Pay TV Show looked at the innovative technologies, strategies and business models that telecom, tech and media companies are using to compete in what has become a marketplace of mayhem.

Over-the-top viewing has become a mainstream behavior in the United States with average OTT viewing hours per household jumping to 83 hours. While Netflix, YouTube, Hulu and Amazon make up over three-quarters of time spent streaming OTT, virtual MVPDs including Sling, DirecTV Now, PlayStation Vue and Philo contribute the second largest portion of streamed content.

With the rise of the virtual MVPD, what does this mean for the traditional cable landscape and OTT in general? In this engaging presentation, Comscore Senior Director of Emergent Products, Susan Engleson shared an in-depth look at today’s OTT landscape and what this means for the future of audience engagement.