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Comscore Exhibitor Management System (EMS) helps clients consolidate point of sale (POS) data, compute film rental liabilities, manage payments and update your financial systems.
Exhibitor Management System provides a virtual staff of booking agents and accountants to clients to assist with and automate crucial business functions. A trusted dynamic SQL database application, Exhibitor Management System is designed to fully record, track and report on the critical details of your business
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Booking Efficiencies

Expedite data entry by booking films en masse across your circuit, easily create non-standard engagements, and update terms per film for all theaters (or just a specific group of theaters) at once.

Booking Efficiencies

Cost-Saving Automations

Identify box office audit issues, calculate film rentals and manage accruals in a single system that integrates with Comscore Box Office Essentials and Comscore Swift for box office data import/export and reporting to studios.

Cost-Saving Automations

Comprehensive Reporting

Gain insights from 20+ standard reports covering booking, box office, payments and analysis, in addition to custom reports that can be created for your circuit.

Comprehensive Reporting
  • Save hours of staff time by integrating Flash and final box office report (BOR) data from Comscore Box Office Essentials and Comscore Swift.
  • Quickly communicate booking decisions and payment info to clients and studio partners via multiple booking agent-specific reports.
  • Invoice your clients based on play week bookings or a percentage of box office.
  • Increase automation and create scalable efficiency by managing accruals, payment requests, and box office audits circuit-wide.
  • Save time by electronically delivering BOR and voucher data directly to distributors.
  • Prepare effectively for year-end audits by utilizing detailed internal security and auditing functions.
  • Optimize your operations by streamlining bookings and holdovers.
  • Easily manage terms at the film, theatre or distributor level, or create rate cards for set scale term deals.
  • Make more informed decisions with access to more than 20 standard reports in every area of operations, which can be scheduled for emailing to theatres or studios.

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Chris Morgan
Chris Morgan
Vicepresidente de Relaciones Comerciales

En su función como vicepresidente de relaciones comerciales, Chris se asocia con exhibidores y distribuidores para ayudar a impulsar la eficacia en todas las etapas del ciclo de vida de la película. Chris tiene más de 20 años de experiencia en distribución cinematográfica de estudios nacionales e internacionales.

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