Measuring the Impact of Live Streams

Petrol leveraged Comscore Branded Content™ powered by Hive to measure and understand the impact of JBL integrations in 6 Twitch livestreams.

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The Scenario

Petrol partnered with Comscore to measure and understand the impact of JBL brand integrations in the Quantum Cup livestream.

The Solution

Petrol incorporated the JBL branding and messaging into six Twitch livestreams during the Quantum Cup. The agency measured the brand integrations by using Comscore’s Branded Content solution – a software platform that combines both human intelligence and algorithmic technology.

Number 1

Campaign Setup

Comscore is selected to test performance of JBL branding and messaging incorporated into the Quantum Cup livestream.

Number 2

Campaign Activated

Comscore’s Branded Content powered by Hive runs a competitive evaluation testing 6 Twitch Streams through December 17- December 19, 2021.
With software combining Human Intelligence and Algorithmic Technology, each brand integration segment was classified, and system algorithms were applied to scale values to produce media metrics.

Number 3

Performance Measured

Comscore measures campaign performance for the following:

  • The Equivalent Media Value™ for the video and audio content
  • The impact of the integration such as Equivalent 30 Second Units and Duration

The Results

Comscore’s Branded Content identified the optimal mix of streams that contributed to the most impactful media value, driving better ROI. As a result, the JBL campaign visual exposure resulted in $846 thousand in media value.

*Breakdown in performance below

Out of all streams, Fortnite North America Playoffs was the largest contributor of visual content, generating 46% of total Media Value.

Media Type

While there is a more balanced share of audio exposure, Fortnite North America Playoffs generated the highest total of Audio Media Value™.


Headphones content generated 30% of the total Media Value and total Equivalent 30s Ad Units.